South Florida Newborn Photography | Newborn Safety Week 2013

Newborn safety week -It’s time again to talk about newborn safety in photography and I really can’t stress enough that as gorgeous as Newborn Photography can be, they are tiny little babies and we need to be extra careful with them. Make sure that your photographer knows how to achieve the poses with the maximum of security.

It’s very important to get to know everything about the professional you are hiring; check how long the photographer has been in business, if the business is legit and registered, how long this photographer has been photographing newborns and if she/he has taken any classes in newborn photography. This is a very delicate niche of photography and the photographer must know how to handle and pose the baby with care and safety. It takes time and practice for a newborn photographer to tune their skills and become experts in customizing each session to fit each  baby.

Newborn photography has become a growing trend in the last several years and most parents don’t realize that the beautiful newborn pictures they see on the internet or at a doctor’s office is usually a combination of  the photographer’s and her/his assistant’s work on site and photoshop work later. The cute poses are made with a composition of 2 or 3 images to get to that final image.

Here are some great examples of the shots and the final image.

Outdoor Shots

You need to keep in mind some aspects when shooting a baby outdoors.

First of all follow the same rules you would for a studio shot; the temperature has to be warm because the babies are still so young and haven’t adjusted their body temperature yet and use a blanket to help them feel cozy,

Check the space for any kind of insects,

If you are shooting during morning hours, you can use an umbrella to block the sun light,

Either on bean bag shots or prop shots (the ones inside of baskets and buckets) It’s important to spot the baby all the time, even thought the little ones are in deep sleep, we should never leave baby unattended.

Other aspects to consider when photographing newborns:

Always respect the baby, not all babies likes some poses, so if they get fussy with a pose move on to the next one;

Keep the room warm, that way they will feel cozy and will sleep soundly;

Full belly – Make sure the parents feed them right before the session starts because a hungry baby will wake up more easily.


White noise apps from your phone are always a great help as it simulates the sound they hear when they were in the womb.

Pacifiers will help with soothing.

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